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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Invisalign and Invisalign Teen

At Arbutus North Dental Centre, we’ve had the honour of helping many adults and teens experience the smile of their DREAMS through the “magic” of Invisalign.

We’ve already covered some of the basics of Invisalign, such as how it works and why it’s different from braces (to recap that part of the tour, please click here). Below are some great questions that our patients have asked us, and our responses:

Question: Can I eat and drink normally with Invisalign?

Answer: Yes! Contrary to some myths out there, patients can eat and drink normally while wearing their aligners. In addition, because there are no brackets to trap plaque and food (as there are with braces), keeping them clean is easy. Simply brush and rinse them after each meal. Dr. Lockhart and the staff will ensure that you know exactly how to keep your aligners clean.

Question: One of my teeth/a few of my teeth are really what you’d call “bent out of shape.” Can aligners help with problematic teeth? 

Answer: Absolutely! Sometimes, you may have a tooth that is quite round or needs to be moved in a manner that is more complex than your other teeth. If this is the case with you, then Dr. Lockhart will put what’s called “an attachment” on the specific tooth in question. This simply helps that particular tooth “stick” to the aligner, which helps it move right along. Again, there’s absolutely no pain or discomfort involved, and you won’t notice any difference.

Question: What happens if I lose one of my Invisalign aligners, or I damage it somehow? 

Answer: Don’t worry. Because everything is created by 3-D computer imaging, we can quickly replace any lost or damaged aligners.

Question: I’m considering other treatments to improve my smile and oral health. Can I still get these done, or do I have to wait until my Invisalign treatment is finished? 

Answer: There is absolutely no reason to wait. We can create customized treatment plans that include both Invisalign and a range of dental services, including


By combining your Invisalign treatment with any of the other treatments you need, we’ll help you get the healthy, dazzling smile you’ve always wanted in the most convenient, cost effective and quickest manner possible.

Question: Is Invisalign expensive?

Answer: Invisalign typically doesn’t cost more than braces (orthodontics). Also keep in mind that the benefits of Invisalign are permanent and will last a lifetime. Plus, there are no additional costs “down the road” once the treatment is finished. When you consider the benefits of having a smile that you love, the lifetime cost of Invisalign works out to pennies a day. 

Question: Will I be able to speak normally with Invisalign? 

Answer: Yes. At the beginning, some patients need a little time to get used to speaking with their customized aligners in place. However, after a few days it becomes easier and eventually it’s not noticeable at all (either by our patients or anyone else). Basically, it’s all about training your tongue to get used to “sharing your mouth” with your aligners.

Will I need any follow-up treatment after I’m finished my Invisalign treatment?

Answer: That depends. Some patients benefit from wearing a retainer, which simply helps keep everything straight and in order. If a retainer will benefit you, we’ll craft one that’s both comfortable and 100% designed for the specific contours of your teeth and mouth.

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